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Rock Climbing Instruction in North Wales (Snowdonia)

We specialise in all things rock climbing and mountaineering. Rock Solid is run by 2 extremely psyched climbers (George & Rachel), between us we have a huge amount of climbing experience. We offer guiding, coaching and instruction for all types of UK rock climbing; traditional (trad) climbing, sport climbing and mountaineering (scrambling/ alpine climbing). All our courses are custom-made and fully tailored to suit you; the ones listed below give you an idea of what’s possible! We’re based in Snowdonia, North Wales and we run courses all across the UK. If you’d like to come and climb with us, get in touch!

Trad Climbing Courses

Arguably the most interesting, rewarding and complex type of climbing relying on leader placed protection. Trad climbing is safe once you know what you’re doing (honestly, it can often feel safer than sport climbing!). Once you learn how to trad climb a whole new world of routes and areas opens up to you (especially here in the UK). We offer a variety of courses; intro to trad, rock improver, problem solving & self rescue amongst others.

Sport Climbing Courses

A popular one! Sport climbing is extremely accessible with minimal gear required and you can easily climb all over the world. If you’ve done a bit of indoor climbing but would like to learn how to climb on real rock, check out our intro to sport course. Other courses we run include sport improver and advanced movement and coaching; the advanced courses are specifically aimed at climbers that already know the fundamentals but want to take their climbing to the next level.

Mountaineering (Scrambling) Courses

Moving fast through complex terrain is a great feeling; this is the essence of scrambling. We offer guided days (max 3 clients) or you can learn the skills to tackle graded scrambles by yourself. There are numerous classic scrambles here in Snowdonia and there are some incredible link-ups. If you’re heading to the Alps, it might be useful to sharpen your skills in North Wales first. 

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